Entry #5

First performance with a symphonic orchestra

2014-06-11 12:29:40 by descara

I'm probably just slightly douche-y for posting this here since I'm rather inactive nowadays, but I wanted to for old times sake. :)


My piece Half-light on desolation was premiered two weeks ago by the wonderful Norrköping Symphony Orchestra here in Sweden. Contemporary music might not be Newgrounds' go-to music, but it's a pretty straight-forward piece that I think most people might get some enjoyment out of!


Here's the recording on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/frej-wedlund/half-light-on-desolation

Also on YouTube if that's your deal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgYCPGKb3y4


Influences range from early 20th century music, mostly Stravinsky, Bartok and Schönberg to later composers including Lutoslawski, Penderecki and even Saariaho.


Thanks for reading, and perhaps listening as well! ;)


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2014-06-11 14:21:09

Am listening to the recording now. Congratulations. : )

descara responds:

Big thanks! Getting this chance my first year of college was mostly luck, to be honest (though also a little bit having orchestral works written "for the drawer" in my portfolio).


2014-06-11 16:53:24

Great sound textures in there, reminds me of Ligetti at times. I hope this means you'll start posting some more songs in the future, and that you haven't forgotten of poor old NG! :P

descara responds:

Thanks! In a way I find them half-way between Lutoslawski and Ligeti - Lutoslawski is probably a bigger influence in timbre and style of the textures (especially the part at 3:30), but unlike him (and somewhat more like Ligeti), I don't have any aleatoric elements, everything's in standard notation.

Haha hopefully I'll be around. I'd love to work on my production skills, it's sorely needed.


2014-06-24 10:21:05

Impressive. There are many talents on NG. It's an honor that someone awesome like you still hang on here.