Entry #1

RAC7 submission

2012-08-14 06:32:32 by descara

Decided to enter my first Newgrounds contest, the RAC7 . Feel free to take a listen to my submission: Fjaellpolska

Also, took a look at some old tracks and realised I probably have a fair bit past 10k plays. Not that much by most peoples standards, but thanks to everyone who listened! :)


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2012-08-15 19:11:56

Love the RAC7 submission! Good stuff.

Where do you study composition at?

(Updated ) descara responds:


I study composition in the north of Sweden.. it's a bit hard to draw parallels to the American school system, but it's essentially a school that's preparatory (but not mandatory) for further music studies at the equivalent of university level.

All of my newgrounds stuff end up pretty far from what I do in my studies (well, with the exception of "Dark Enigma"), but it's good to have a place for more cinematic and electronic music as well!

Are you currently enrolled somewhere?


2012-08-17 18:37:06

I currently study at a community college in the United States. While it isn't glamorous, it has allowed me to take Music Theory I-IV at a very low cost, take ear training classes, piano lessons, choir, and much more. I'll be sending out applications to transfer to a conservatory around December, so I'm hoping for the best.

descara responds:

Nice. All great things for a budding composer!

You should definitely apply for a conservatory. Though if I may be a bit crass, I think you should include at least one piece exploring the world beyond tonal harmony in your work samples - not sure if you send those when applying in USA, but I'd assume so. I think it'll really help (I think it really has a place in anyones application, not just yours!), it'll show the judges you have an open mind and an awareness of developments today, and that you control a wide spectrum of styles. Also, personally I think it's a lot of fun :)